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Response to Question

Investigator asks "Is that you that my cousin just seen" then there's a response that if listened to closely sounds like it could be a "yes."

Random Voice

An investigator asks "fine do you wanna hold it mr i just got scratched" to an investigator that had just recieved 3 scratch marks on him and a voice says either "hey" or is laughing at the investigator who got scratched.

Demonic Voice

After an investigator gets scratched and we taunt the spirit we caught this EVP that says "Jesus Christ" in a demonic voice.

Response to Question

An investigator asks the spirit "remember that" after playing the previous EVP out loud and the spirit responds by saying "no."

Aware of Others

A voice says "people here" about five mins after we ask the spirit if it's demonic.

Dark Response

An investigator asks "tell me what you are" and it responds with either "demon", or "satan".

Talking over Investigator

An investigator talks then starts to whisper and the spirit whispers over them the word "dead."


A voice that appears to be saying "Get away."