With every reputable paranormal team comes a variety of equipment. Paranormal equipment is used to officially document evidence of a paranormal occurrence. Without evidence, using the aid of this equipment, we cannot help back up claims that others have had of paranormal occurrences in a specified location. Along with backing up claims of the paranormal, this equipment can also be used to debunk paranormal claims as being naturally occurring phenomena, other than something paranormal, in a location.  As a scientific-based paranormal investigation team, this equipment is no different to us than laboratory equipment is to a chemist.  Below is a list of the equipment MBPT utilizes on investigations, along with an explanation as to how each of them help us gather evidence.


Camcorders are essential to have on a paranormal investigation, in order to officially document any and all visual evidence and/ or experiences you may have throughout the investigation. Camcorders must also be compatible with infrared (IR) lights, because many entities travel in the infrared spectrum, which is the reason they cannot be seen with the human eye. Some investigators also use full spectrum lights which can see into not only the infrared spectrum, but into the ultraviolet spectrum as well. Not only are these lights useful for picking up on entities that may be hiding in these spectrums of light, but they are also useful for allowing the camcorder to see more clearly.

DVR System

Along with infrared camcorders, having stationary cameras hard wired into a DVR system can be useful as well. Not only will these all take a visual recording of locations throughout the investigation, but you can have a monitor set up to view these cameras. That way if something happens, it is more likely that you will be able to see it when it happens, rather than afterwards while reviewing evidence.  In this setup, an investigator or team at homebase on break will be closely observing the cameras, noting down anything they see that could be considered paranormal.  You can then use this to center your investigation more around this area, and send investigators to activity "hot-spots" when they arise.

Voice Recorders

Voice recorders are quite possibly a paranormal investigator's most valuable piece of equipment. Not only is a voice recorder a true auditory documentation of exactly what happened on an investigation, but they are also used to catch Electronic Voice Phenomenons (EVPs) as well as Disembodied Noises. MBPT uses anywhere from eight to ten voice recorders on any given location.  Voice recorders are also useful for pairing with static cameras or leaving isolated in an area of reported noise activity.  This way, an area can be covered with "eyes and ears" without the actual presence of an investigator, especially when the area may not be safe for an investigator to be present in (i.e. area with flooring caving in or broken floorboards).  

EMF Meter

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is something entities are said to produce when in the vicinity of a certain area. This is why EMF meters are such a useful tool. They detect this disturbance in the electromagnetic field. There are various types of EMF meters. MBPT uses; the KII Meter, the Ghost Meter analog EMF meter, the digital EMF meter, and the MEL 8704 REM-ATDD meter. Not only can these meters be used to prove the existence of a haunting, but they are a good tool in measuring naturally occurring high EMFs in a location. These high EMFs can give false positives of a haunting in many ways, as they have been known to cause a wide variety of adverse effects on humans, including headaches, dizziness, hallucinations, and paranoia.

IR Thermometer

An IR thermometer can be used to detect cold spots, which is something entities are said to give off when they are present. It is also theorized that entities produce cold spots when they are using the heat energy from the air for themselves.  Not only are they used to detect the presence of an entity, but they can also be used to debunk it. If  there are reports of a cold spot you could find that it turns out to just be a draft using the IR thermometer.  Due to the requirement of stable temperatures, locations that are outdoors or poor heat/AC circulation, do not allow for these pieces of equipment to be used accurately.

Geo Phone

A Geo Phone is used to detect vibrations associated with movement.  When it experiences even the slightest bit of vibration, lights on it light up in co-ordinance with how dramatic the movement is.  For minor vibrations, only a few lights will light up, where major vibrations will set all of the lights off.  This piece of equipment is generally used as a "trigger object" in hopes that an entity will interact with it, and therefore setting off the lights on top.  

EM Pump

An EM Pump is an experimental piece of equipment that releases a high-energy electromagnetic field.  The theory is that entities can use this field to feed off of and gain energy to be able to further manifest themselves, overall resulting in better evidence on an investigation.  However, the equipment emits loud noise when operating, making it difficult to capture audio evidence.  Typically the pump is turned on during set-up or during downtime in-between area switching between investigators, so that the pump does not interfere with evidence collection.

Spirit Box

A Spirit Box is still extremely experimental piece of equipment, and is a piece that is subject to criticism for the questionable authenticity of its results.  MBPT uses it from time to time on investigations to expand on the team's personal equipment research.  The spirit box is essentially an AM/FM radio with the antenna removed that has been modified to continuously scan through radio stations without stopping. The theory is that entities can use the white noise as well as the radio stations to form words, even sentences to more easily communicate with us.  While some evidence has been captured using this device, the authenticity of the evidence has yet to be accepted by many in the paranormal society.