Casebook #008                                                                                                   Date:  10/12/2013


Decker Residence


Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Mike Leppek, Jordan LaForest, Jared Grim, Matt Brown (Equipment tech) Zach Eickel, Brittany Burns. (Guest investigators)


Two IR Camcorders with IR lights, eight voice recorders, DVR with four static cameras, Kii meter, EMF meter, spirit box, em pump.

Claims Since Previous Investigation: 

Leon has felt something like a cat jumping on his bed when nothing is there.

Summary of Investigation: 

We started at 10:00 pm. Bryce and Brittany in the house and Mike and Zach out in the woods. Jared, Jordan, Matt, and Taylor were at home base in the front yard. Neither group had any activity at this time. We regrouped, Mike and Zach went in the house and Jordan and Jared were outside in the back. Neither group had any activity during this time. Next Jared and Jordan went into the house where they experienced some intelligent responses with a flashlight turning on and off. Bryce and Brittany were out back where they experienced an entity responding intelligently using the Kii meter. The rest of the night no investigators experienced any other known activity. At about 1:30 am we wrapped up our investigation.

Evidence Collected During Investigation: 

We caught two compelling pieces of evidence. First Bryce and Brittany caught intelligent responses using the Kii meter. Jared and Jordan also caught intelligent responses using a flashlight set up for spirits to easily use it as a trigger object.

Conclusion of Investigation: 

Between the evidence collected at this investigation as well as the amount collected at the previous investigation we believe there is an intelligent haunting at this location.

Any Experiences Since Investigation: 

They heard taps on the walls and their oven's heat was turned down. The crawling on the bed has stopped.

Summary of Review: 

The review was done over the phone. Bryce discussed with Debbie about what he thought was going on there as well as all the details of what we caught during this investigation. We also thought Debbie may have caught something in a picture she took, but upon further review it turned out to be a play on light in the photo.

Additional Thoughts: 

A short investigation but productive nonetheless. We finally came to a solid conclusion on the location.  

Case Closed.