Casebook #006                                                                                                  Date:  05/09/2013


Bobby Mackey's Music World 


Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Jordan LaForest, Jon Girvan, Jared Grim.

SVPG Investigators: 

Jackie Bixler, Tonya Civiello, Samantha Burke, Cheyenne Smith, Josh Wesley, Jake Tucker, Jim Dummer, and Wanda Kay (spectator/ supervisor.)


Three IR cameras with lights, seven voice recorders, Kii meter, emf meter, ovulus, em pump, geophone.


A man named George is seen, heard, felt, ect. He was a mobster back during the prohibition era when the building was a speakeasy. A girl named Johanna who killed herself after her lover was murdered by her father is believed to still be there. A woman named Pearl Bryan was decapitated by her boyfriend Scott Jackson and his friend Alanzo Walling. her head is believed to have been disposed of in the well of the basement that is still there from when the building was a slaughterhouse back in the early 1800's. Scott Jackson and Alanzo Walling were both hung and are still believed to be at Bobby Mackey's as well. Both Johanna and Pearl Bryan were five months pregnant at the time of their death. There are also believed to be the ghosts of hookers there, one in particulars name is "Bunny." There are also animal spirits there that will slobber on your clothing and it will be wet when you touch it. There have been claims of "demonic activity" down by the well and they have nicknamed the well the "Gateway to Hell." The well was used as a draining pit when the building was a slaughterhouse. There are also many claims of child spirits in the basement area in the back room behind the well room. Many people have claimed to being touch, scratched, and even allegedly "possessed." Much of the activity going on at Bobby Mackey's is believed to be due to both the rare North current of the Licking River as well as a fault line underneath the building. This is believed to be fueling the entities energy.

Summary of Investigation: 

We started out upstairs in three groups; Bryce, Jon, Jared, and Jake in one group, Jackie, Tonya, Same, and Cheyenne in another group, and Taylor, Jordan, Josh, and Jim in the third group.The groups all split to different areas of the bar. Wanda took one group upstairs to the apartment at a time. Bryce's group tried first communicating with "Bunny," by giving her money but had no luck. Later they tried to communicate with George and believe they may have had some activity. Jackie and her group went into the men's restroom which was at one point an office. They however left because something allegedly inappropriately grabbed Jackie. So Bryce and his group went in and started taunting the spirit because of this. Within two minutes both Bryce and Jared received scratches on them. Bryce also reported feeling hot and dizzy in the bathroom which he reported several times throughout the night all in that room. After this the entire group headed downstairs where they first split into three groups but then merged into two. During the tour both Taylor and Jackie heard a voice telling them to "get out of here." The larger group resided in the room where the child ghosts are said to be. Here they had many interactions with the alleged child spirits. Taylor even claims to have been hugged by a child spirit. Bryce and a couple others went into the well room where Bryce taunted the alleged "evil" spirits. Although they didn't receive any real activity Jackie and Taylor both claim that when Bryce came into the other room he was radiating with anger as if something had an influence over him. Bryce also admits he was feeling angrier than he normally would have been in this situation at that time and there may have been a negative presence influencing his emotions. After this they headed back upstairs for the remainder of the night. Experiencing no further activity they brought the investigation to a close.

Evidence Collected During Investigation: 

During our investigation at Bobby Mackey's we caught several evps. Most of the evps we caught were upstairs. We caught a couple evps that were inaudible whispers. We also caught some evps that were clear responses; one says "cut," one that says "got this," one that says "help me," and one that says "is that so?" We also caught one evp that is a full sentence but we cannot quite make out what it says. Along with the evps we caught upstairs we caught two evps downstairs, one that says "what way," and another that tells Bryce to "piss off," when he's taunting it. Along with the evps we also had two investigators Jared and Bryce, get scratched in the men's restroom upstairs. 

Conclusion of Investigation: 

We believe that there are several different entities at Bobby Mackey's, some of which are intelligent. Some of them may even be aggressive/ negative entities, but it will take further investigation to decide this for certain. The location does appear to be HAUNTED!

Any Experiences Since the Investigation: 

We had no client in this case.

Summary of Review: 

We had no client to review evidence to. Investigation was simply for our own research. 

Additional Thoughts: 

Decent investigation, a little crowded with so many people, and the team agrees we have unfinished business there and would love the opportunity to return.

Case Closed.