Casebook #005                                                                                                  Date:  04/20/2013


Masonic Temple, Bay City MI Owned by the Bay Arts Council


Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Mike Leppek, Jordan Laforest, Jon Girvan, Jared Grim, Matthew Brown (Equipment Tech)


2x IR camcorders,3x IR lights, full spectrum camcorder, full spectrum light, Dvr system with 4x static IR cameras, 7x digital voice recorders, Kii meter, EMF meter, IR thermometer, photograph camera, IR photograph camera (Trail camera), geophone, em pump.


It was built in 1892 but was rebuilt in 1902 after a fire gutted the entire building except the library. The activity seems to be centralized in the basement. People see a man they named Bob, who is a bearded man they see from the waist up. He is seen in the hallway and on the staircase as well as in the dining room and occasionally in the library. People have also heard noises/ voices in the basement as well as in the blue room upstairs.

Summary of Investigation:

The night started out at 9:00 pm in three groups of two. Bryce and Jared started out upstairs and thought they may have gotten some hits on the geophone, Taylor and Jon were in the blue and red rooms on the main floor and had no known activity, and Mike and Jordan were in the basement where they also experienced no known activity. We regrouped at 10:00 pm and Bryce and Jared headed downstairs where they experienced no known activity, Mike and Jordan were in the blue/ red rooms where they experienced no known activity, and Taylor and Jon went upstairs where they found that an exposed window creates a shadow effect. They had no known activity in there either. At 11:00 pm we regrouped again Bryce and Jared went into the red/ blue rooms where they thought they may have heard some noises in the back of the red room. Taylor and Jon headed downstairs where they got anxious and weird feelings and Taylor claimed she saw a shadow. Mike and Jordan came downstairs to see if they could experience anything else after receiving no known activity upstairs. They experienced nothing else and proceeded to go on break. During their break they moved the static cameras; Static camera one from the purple room to the billiards room upstairs, static camera two from the red room to the blue room, static camera three stayed in the basement hallway, and static camera four from the library to the dining room. At about 1:00 am we restarted our investigation. This time Jon and Bryce started in the blue and red rooms. They heard a few different noises during an evp session in the red room and then heard two loud bangs within a minute of one another that no one else in the building including Matt, who was right outside of the blue room, heard. Jordan and Taylor headed up to the billiards room to see if they could get anything to happen since they were two women in the men's gathering room. About 30 minutes in they started experiencing terrible stomach pains that were unbearable and they had to leave. Mike and Jared headed downstairs where they experienced no known activity. We regrouped and at about 2:15 am Jon and Bryce headed downstairs where they experienced no known activity. Taylor and Jordan headed into the blue and red rooms where they experienced no known activity, Mike and Jared headed upstairs where they experienced no known activity. At 3:15 am Jared, Taylor, and Jordan headed back upstairs where Jared yelled at whatever was there for hurting Taylor and Jordan. They both started experiencing the stomach pains again and headed into the purple room after getting several geophone hits as well. Jon and Mike headed downstairs where they think they got in touch with a Mason named Peter on the spirit box. Bryce was wandering between the two groups. At about 4:00 am everyone regrouped in the purple room and walked around the building until about 4:25 am. After that we wrapped up the investigation.

Evidence Collected During Investigation: 

During the investigation we obtained two evps. The first was on camera one, when Jared and Bryce were in the basement. Jared asks if there's anybody there with him and a voice replies in a high pitched tone "I am." The other evp was upstairs caught on recorder 5. Bryce says "let's see if we can get something to spark for dead time," and a voice replies "what will you do?" Other evidence collected during the investigation were from the spirit box so are debatable. The first one was caught on camera 2 and Mike and Jon think they got something to say all the investigator's names along with its name which is Peter. The second spirit box session notable took place almost twenty minutes later. Mike asked Peter if he knew what was on the other side to which the spirit box replied clearly "Heaven."

Conclusion of Investigation: 

Based on both our evidence and experiences, as well as others experiences in the building, we concluded that if anythings there it is mostly residual and doesn't have intelligence. We also believe based on our evps that there may be something that has some intelligence there, but it has very little energy. There is nothing malevolent in the Masonic Temple and we cannot say that its haunted, rather there's something there that requires further investigation to come to a conclusion.

Any Experiences Since the Investigation: 

There have been no known experiences since our investigation there.

Summary of Review:                                                                                                        

Bryce met Matt Reid, who is our client from the Bay Arts Council that let us in there for the investigation, at the Masonic Temple and they went over the evidence we caught as well as the experiences we had during the investigation. Bryce told him what he and the team thought was going on there. Matt Reid seemed impressed with what we caught and agreed to the possibility of another investigation there. With that we wrapped up the review. 

Additional Thoughts:                                                                                                         

A good investigation, but incomplete. We would like the opportunity to further investigate what is going on at the Masonic Temple.


Case Closed.