Casebook #004                                                                                                  Date:  01/26/2013


Decker Residence


Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Mike Leppek, Jordan Laforest, Jon Girvan. 


Voice recorders, full spectrum camera and light, infrared camera and light, EMF meter, KII meter, infrared thermometers, and DVR system with four cameras.


The Decker family has lived there for nine years.  The property originally belonged to a man named Mr. Kindle, who they believe may still be there.  They experience "poltergeist" activity such as rotten smells, or a spirit moving Mrs. Decker's shoes around in her closet.  Other items also get moved around in the house. Mrs. Decker has heard various voices around the house, as well as tapping in different locations in the house.  They have had interactions with objects such as the stove's setting being changed or the coffee pot being unplugged. Mr. Decker also claims that his wedding ring was moved on him at one point. The house is new and they are the first residents to live in it.

Summary of Investigation: 

We started our investigating at 9:00 pm. Mike and Jordan began in Mrs. Decker's room while Bryce and Jon started in the computer room. Taylor was watching the stationary cameras on the monitor at this time. Jordan and Mike didn't seem to be having much luck with activity, however Jon and Bryce obtained some interesting KII hits, which they later debunked mostly to electric disturbances.  After going through some EVP work, the team regrouped. Jon and Taylor went into Mrs. Decker's room while Bryce and Jordan remained in the computer room. Mike took over the job as watching the still camera monitor. Other than a few odd KII hits, there were no further experiences from either group. Mike, however claimed he had seen strange activity on the DVR system outside. After regrouping once more, Mike and Bryce headed outside where they received no activity.  Jordan and Jon investigated the kitchen area where they received no activity either, while Taylor resumed watching the monitors. After Bryce and Mike came back inside, they regrouped once more.  Mike and Jon then went into Mrs. Decker's room while Taylor and Jordan took the computer room. Bryce took his shift watching the stationary monitors.  Jon and Mike received some interesting KII hits in the bedroom/bathroom. Taylor and Jordan received no activity. After regrouping once more Bryce took Jon and Jordan to do some EVP work in the computer room where they once again received KII hits. After this, they let the equipment run for ten more minutes and then wrapped up. As they were wrapping up Bryce, as well as Jon, received a few more odd KII hits.

Evidence Collected During the Investigation: 

During the investigation we obtained thirteen EVPs. However, one was debunked upon revealing the evidence to the clients. The first one occured while we were setting up; Taylor told Bryce to give the team tasks. The EVP seems to say "give me a task." The next EVP was a whispering voice caught during the investigation. The third EVP was caught after Mike said "if there's a spirit here."  There is a voice that seems to respond to him saying, "maybe." The fourth EVP was caught after Taylor talks to our clients, and the EVP appears to say "I see." The fifth and sixth EVPs occured during the investigation in Mrs. Decker's room. One appears to say "I see you" while another is a slight whispering that some investigators think appears to say "right there." The next EVP is after Jordan asks "do you need me to hold the flashlight?" A voice appears to say "I can get it." The eighth EVP is very faint but it appears to say "Mike." The next EVP is another intelligent response. Bryce asks Jordan if she saw a picture, and a voice appears to say "did I?"  The tenth EVP immediately follows a dog barking outside and appears to say "The dogs crazy." This particular EVP was debunked at the reveal of evidence as the client, Mrs. Decker's voice. The next EVP appears to say a couple different things, and is still up for interpetation. We think it says either "Mike," or "oh I see." The twelfth EVP is also faint but we think it says "the church." The thirteenth and final EVP seems to be responding to what Taylor says and it says "yeah." Along with twelve EVPs, we also caught one video on the still camera in the kitchen. It's very fast and is outside in the  window, but we did slow it down and it appeared to be a figure moving outside the window. Whats really interesting is the camera out on the deck did not catch this and upon looking at all four cameras, all the investigators are inside.  Moreso, Taylor and Mr. Decker were watching the DVR camera screen at this time, so it couldn't have been contamination from an investigator.

Conclusion of Investigaton: 

We believe there is an entity at this location. We also believe we have enough evidence to say it is intelligent. We would like to do some further investigating in the future before we call the location "haunted," but with the evidence we have at this point the entity does appear to have intelligence.

Any Experiences Since Investigation: 

Mrs. Decker claims that since our investigation she has experienced something messing with her while shes sleeping. At about five in the morning one time she heard a voice that said, "hey Debbie." Then about a week later she heard a girls voice outside her bathroom that she claimed it said, "freezing rain."

Summary of Review: 

Mike and Bryce showed up and immediately went to the back porch to try and make some sense of the apparition they caught. They decided it must have been walking down off the porch because the porch ends right at the spot, plus there's a step down there as well. After that Mike and Bryce came inside and showed them the EVPs. They were impressed with most of them. However the one that says, "the dog's crazy," they think was Mrs. Decker  talking. After that they showed them the apparition and told them our conclusion of the  location. The Deckers seemed impressed with our evidence, but not surprised with what we caught.

Additional Thoughts: 

Interesting location a lot of good evidence with intelligent responses. MBPT would love the opportunity to come back sometime in the future.

Case Closed.