Casebook #003                                                                                                  Date:  08/10/2012


Marsh Residence, Pinconning MI


Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Mike Leppek, Titiana Zapata (guest investigator)


Full spectrum camera with full spectrum light, infrared camera with infrared light, EMF Meter, Kii meter. spirit box, voice recorders.


The Marsh family moved in to their home on memorial day weekend of this year.  They have heard the sound of footsteps on the floor above them, as well as on the stairs. In the homeowners' bedroom the bed has had imprints on it as if someone had sat on it after it had just been made. There is a feeling of them being watched. The picture upstairs had been cracked without it falling.

Summary of Investigation:

All four of us started with the EMF detector and found that there were a ton of unbelievably high EMF fields in the house. After doing some more debunking, we went lights out and began our investigation. We all started together upstairs, but shortly after separated with Taylor and Titiana upstairs and Bryce and Mike downstairs. We investigated like this for a while, however did not get any results. After that we regrouped and debunked the footsteps by pointing out there's a register upstairs that carries sound all the way to the basement. We investigated for a while longer, getting no further results we wrapped the investigation.

Evidence Collected During Investigation: 

To our knowledge we did not collect any evidence during the investigation that would help provide proof to a paranormal presence there. However, we did find some answers for some of the experiences they have been having.

Conclusion of Investigation: 

To our knowledge from what we collected and reviewed this location is not haunted. Their claims of the paranormal can almost all be lead up to the high EMF fields in the house and the way sound carries in the house.  As for the picture cracking it could be due to the temperature and pressure changes in the air. All in all there doesn't appear to be anything going on at this location.

 We have yet to conclude this investigation with the homeowners.