Casebook #002                                                                                                 Date:  08/04/2012 


Lagalo Residence, Bay City, Mi 


Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Mike Leppek, and Chris Minnis (Guest investigator) 


Full spectrum camera with full spectrum light, Infrared camera with infrared light, Kii meter, EMF meter, Spirit box, Voice recorders.


The Lagalos recently moved into their house in January of 2012. They have had previous homes that have had activity, and believe it may be following them rather than being attached to the location itself.  Numerous sounds have been heard, such as knocking on the doors and footsteps down the hallway. They have seen a shadow figure and the back bedroom door seems to open on its own. Things have also showed up missing when they were not misplaced. Mr. Lagalo has also had a text sent to a co-worker from his phone while he was asleep. He presumed the entity in the house had sent the text for him.  Mr. Lagalo had also been touched on the shoulder once while walking into the bedroom. The suction-washrag holder in the shower was dropped in the shower and made a loud noise like someone had thrown it on the ground. It was found laying in such a position that simply falling off could not have caused.They had their pastor over to check out the house and he said the spirits were in the basement laughing at them.

Summary of Investigation: 

The investigation started off with Bryce and Mike in the basement.  Taylor and Chris, along with two other guest investigators (that left early so were left out of the Casebook entry), in the homeowners' bedroom upstairs. After about a half hour we regrouped and said there was no activity in either place. We followed up by doing some debunking and found no significant EMF spikes. However, we did find the washrag holder does come off the wall fairly easily, and makes quite a loud noise when it hits the ground. Most of the time it ended up right in the middle of the shower after it stopped rolling around on the shower floor. At about midnight the two guest investigators left and we continued into the living room and activity picked up a bit. The activity started off by getting a couple significant hits on the KII meter, as well as a couple strange anomalies with the flashlight. We also saw that we caught an orb on camera right by the flashlight. This orb is credible, as it starts directly by the flashlight which had been mysteriously turning on and off by itself around the time we caught the orb. We continued to the other room where the door opens on its own. After messing around with the door, we found that it does not easily latch when it is closed.  More so, it could be very easily opened by a gust of wind blowing into the room if the windows were left open. We continued investigating for another couple hours.  However, we had no further activity that we know of. We invited the family back around 2 am and talked for about a half hour about the experiences they have had at previous houses, some of which include pictures of shadow figures, or seeing cloaked shadow figures. After that we left the location.

Evidence Collected During the Investigation: 

We caught two EVPs. One appears to say "damn." The other occured after an investigator said, "The security light's on." In response a voice said "Why?" We also have two portions of video evidence.  One is the video where the flashlight is turning on and off by itself,  while another has the orb we caught going across the screen right after we got a spike on the KII meter.  We also caught an audio of the spirit box saying "Fuck you" to an investigator.

Conclusion of Investigation: 

There is some form of paranormal entity at this location, although it is very weak. We believe it is tied to the location, not the homeowner. and that it is intelligent, however it is non malevolent, and has very low energy.

Any Experiences Since Investigation: 

They said that since the investigation, they have heard singing in the basement, around 1:00- 1:30 am for a couple nights in a row. Mr. Lagalo has heard breathing in the hallway by their bedroom door. They also heard knocking on the wall, to which the dog started barking madly after the sound happened.

Summary of Review:

Mike and Bryce went to the house and started by getting the stories on the experiences since the investigation from Kathy. Then they proceeded to show her the evidence they collected. Her reaction to the evidence was surprised, however she did not seem afraid of the evidence we showed her. She seemed to think it was more interesting than frightening. We then told her our conclusion of the investigation and departed.

Additional Thoughts: 

A good location, not very high in activity, but a fun investigation none the less. 

Case Closed.