Casebook #001                                                                                                   Date:  06/26/2012


Fitzgerald Residence, Twining MI.

Bryce Martin, Taylor Keysor, Jason Yin (guest Investigator)

Full Spectrum camera with infrared light, voice recorders, Emf meter, K II meter, Infrared still camera. 

The Fitzgeralds have lived at their house for 12 years and the history of the house is unknown. Their first experience occured when they were sitting on the couch and felt a presence there with them. The daughter has heard voices in her bedroom.  Footsteps are frequently heard upstairs, as well as the sound of creaking floors. They caught an orb that is credible on video; it moves fast and disappears mid frame. Most of the activity is in the daughters room and the living room, with some other activity in the homeowners' bedroom as well. The house is approximately 100 years old and they recently began to remodel it.

Summary of Investigation:
We started investigating around 10:00pm. Curiously, we only found two major EMF spots: one by a light switch in the living room and another by the fish tank in the daughter's room. When we went lights out, we started immediately in the daughter's room and had some rather odd KII hits. After the KII hits seemed to disappear, we proceeded to go downstairs to the living room, where we started out with some odd KII hits there as well. Luckily enough, we eventually got whatever was there to turn on the flashlight a few different times. After messing with the flashlight for awhile, we invited the family back and proceeded to investigate with them. After getting no further significant pieces of evidence we wrapped the investigation up around 2 am.

Evidence Collected During the Investigation:
We caught a few EVPs that all say "okay" and another EVP that sounds like somebody whispering. We also caught the odd KII hits and the flashlight phenomena on camera. 

Conclusion of Investigation:
The conclusion we came to at this location was that there is most likely an intelligent spirit there that is enough to be considered a significant amount of paranormal activity. However, it would not be considered a full out haunting as far as we're concerned. The spirit appears to not be aggressive, and should not be feared by any means. It isn't bothering anything, it is simply roaming the house at its own accord.  The entity also appears to not have very much energy. From what we could gather it is a female with an unknown age.


We have yet to get in touch with the family for the remainder.