The purpose of the Michigan Bay Paranormal Team's Casebook, is to officially formally document all paranormal investigations we do. Please keep in mind that the official casebook for the team started in June of 2012, so some of our evidence will not have an investigation in the casebook, and vice versa.

As of July of 2017, the MBPT casebook has gone under major reconstruction and many casebook entries are currently missing.  These casebook entries will be added as they are restructured and/or rewritten, so check back occasionally to see if any new entries have been added.  Updates will be posted on the MBPT Facebook page when new entries are available.

Casebook Outline

Casebook #000                                                                                                                                    Date:  MM/DD/YYYY

Location:  ---

Investigators:  ---

Equipment:  ---

Claims:  ---

Summary of Investigation: ---

Evidence Collected During the Investigation:

-Evidence will be sited in the appropriate location according to what type of evidence it was with the casebook #. 

-If evidence has no casebook # next to it, it does not have a casebook file

Conclusion of Investigation

-Haunted, Not Haunted?

Any Experiences Since Investigation: ---

Summary of Review: ---

Additional Thoughts: ---